Singing in the Shower


I bet all of us has done this atleast once in our lives. The professional sound provided by the white tiled four corners of your bathroom. You even think that it can be at par with the experience of recording in a legit studio. That’s how amazing you sound while singing in the shower. That is why a lot of people, including me, makes the bathroom their concert stage. There, they belt their hearts out to songs of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and to modern divas such as, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Adele, Sia and such, never mind if we’re actually hitting the notes or not. It is also the place where we sing to sad songs while crying because some random guy or girl broke our hearts. It can also be a manifestation of us being happy. We tend sing happy tunes to express  our happiness. But there are some that prefer to showcase their talents confined within their own bathroom. They treat their lavatory as literally their comfort station. Making the bowl and faucet their audience. The bottles of soaps and shampoos their adoring fans. Because they lack faith in their talent and they don’t have confidence in their ability to carry a tune. They fear that others will judge them and mock them because of how they sing. In a way showers assures them that it’s okay to sing. That you are actually allowed to sing. That it is not really a crime to belt out a tune or two. Singing in the showers isn’t only a recreational activity that makes us takes hours in the bathroom. It is also a reassuring reminder for us to have some confidence. In a way, bathrooms is like an encouraging friend to us. Silently cheering for us to do whatever we want regardless if it makes us weird or eccentric, as long as it makes us happy.



Some say it is a concept

others just craziness.

It is a trait everyone has

yet only a few recognizes.

It takes a lot of bravery to acknowledge bravery itself.

Though a lot may not understand

still one should hold it firmly at hand.

Fear is the very nature of things

but bravery is what defies it.

In a society where norm and standard is the test

Bravery is what sets us apart from all the rest.

It may be a foolish to acquire
but in order to achieve the destination,

it is the trait one must require.

Indeed, maybe, not all who possess it lives for eternity,

but being cautious is also cowardice in certainty.


I don’t always have the patience required for blogging. My ideas is like a butterfly. It comes and it goes. And oftentimes, I just let it go. Jut let it slip my mind and go freely in the realms of unheard thoughts. I must admit that I feel a bit bad for taking for granted the ideas that should have been heard, but what can I do? I’m a lazy person. And typing my thoughts makes me bored and makes my train of thought go sidetracked till it’s gone. I don’t even know why I started this blog. I guess I just want to see how far I can keep this